WHY Choose Elysium?

Edinburgh hosts a number of health clubs, gyms, studios, so WHY would you choose Elysium? The answer is simple: we provide the highest-standard of training facility that changes people’s perception of what a gym delivers, giving people access to a gym experience and results they never thought possible.

Elysium is a facility where you will change your fitness and health through a variety of ways including physical exercise, education and lifestyle changes leading to a better body, fitness and health. The Gym is not just about looking better, change comes in many ways, from a simple change in your lifestyle like getting more sleep, or drinking more water. One change is the starting point. So start by making one change.

Other organisations with a similar mission to us know this too, thats why we partner with them such as British Society of Lifestyle Medicine - 1 Change Campaign > https://www.bslm1change.org/

Results Driven Personal Trainers

Elysium hosts the finest personal trainers in Edinburgh that are dedicated to providing you with the results that you come to expect in a facility like Elysium. Our Coaches provide results as standard. No Compromise.



With a huge selection of facilities in Elysium you are guaranteed to find what you need to train the way you like!

  • 2 Floors with 2 different gyms

  • Free Parking

  • Shower and Change Facilities


A range of different memberships to suit your individual needs