Why NOW is the best time to be a personal trainer!

Why NOW is the best time to be a personal trainer!

Why NOW is the best time to be a personal trainer!

Covid-19 has rocked the world and what we consider as “normal” has changed forever.

The world has been transformed in the matter of months with people being forced to adapt at a rapid pace. People have been in lockdown and confined to their own homes. Never in our lifetime have we seen a time like this, and likely we will never see it again. The economy has been tanked, people have been ordered not to go to work which has led to an abundance of time for most people, and to some this has brought different problems, however I believe that the fitness industry is about to experience a huge rebound. Over this time people have never been more aware and conscious about how important their health and fitness is. Fitness professionals will be ready to benefit from this rebound to assist people to better fitness, health and performance more than ever before.

In light of this, if you are an individual who has been thinking about moving into the fitness industry there has never been a better time than now to do so. Even if you are already a personal trainer newly qualified or still aiming to grow your business, we have a great opportunity right now.

Over the past 11 years I have been building businesses, growing my vision and creating my dream. Through these ventures I believe I have developed an unbeatable mind. This is by far my strongest asset. Ever since I was a young boy, I believed that you get what you worked for and the time that you spend investing in your future will always pay off positively.

We currently have a lot more time to spare which means that you can use it whichever way you like. Using this time creatively to lay out a framework for building your future is an extremely constructive use of that time.  You will then thank yourself for in future when you put it into practice and can literally live your dream.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. What many people don’t have however is the mindset required to make those 24 hours a positive impact on their future. Developing the right mindset is absolutely the most important thing you can do to create the future that you want. Whilst some people may naturally possess a strong mindset developed from a young age it is most definitely possible to develop a stronger mindset at any age. If you don’t think you have a positive mindset, start doing small things to create a stronger mindset, such as small and regular goal setting. Small wins repeated over time create a sense of achievement which will allow you to create and achieve bigger goals and targets.

This takes time yes, but it is a process, just like building a business is. As Zig Ziglar once said “You do not need to be great to start, but you do need to start to be great”.

If you are someone looking to move into the fitness industry, then now is a great time to do so however I would urge you to consider exactly why you want to work in the fitness industry. Understanding why you want to work in the industry is paramount for understanding your ethos and will inevitably give you a solid base to build your business. For example, I knew that when I wanted to start in the fitness industry that I wanted to help as many people as possible live a happier, healthier life through fitness and performance. Now that is a huge ‘why’ and gave me a great platform to create avenues in the industry where people benefitted from my knowledge and education in the field. Fast forward to now, and I have created multiple systems where not only do I personally achieve that ‘why’ but I have a large collective of amazing coaches promoting the same ‘why’. Massive purpose creates massive influence.

Right now, the industry is heavily saturated with trainers with no why or purpose. This correlates well with the quality of PT being generally low. Whilst the volume of trainers in the industry may first appear a barrier, do not see it as competition, see it as opportunity to display your value.

As stated previously, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, people have become very conscious that both health and fitness are extremely important parts of their lives. Additionally, it has been made very clear that healthier individuals are more resistant to the disease therefore people will be aiming to enhance their fitness to be more resilient. In light of this, it is clear that fitness professionals will be extremely valuable in future and being ready for this will allow you to capitalise.

When choosing the correct course to study for your Level 3 Personal Training qualification, it is important to ensure you pick the course that is correct for you. Many of the courses offered online are simply different versions of the same thing. Do not be tempted by glitter and sparkles, choose a solid course that allows you to study the way that’s right for you and get the correct mentor support.

It is frustrating that when coaches pass their level 3, they believe they are ready to just launch a PT business and the success will just fall on them however, this is far from the truth. Unfortunately, the current system actually allows a lot of sub-standard coaches to pass into the industry with little to no experience or business knowledge. This in turn drags the reputation of the industry down.

Instead of continuing to be frustrated I decided to actually launch my own Personal Training Academy called the “Elysium Coaching Academy” where we interview applicants for places on the course to ensure they have the right mindset for the industry allowing us to maintain a fantastic coaching reputation. We don’t just accept anyone looking to do a course, it needs to be right for them, and they need to be right for the Academy.  Once you have decided on the course you wish to enrol in, it’s time to get going and really put the work in. The level 2 and 3 contains a lot of theory which you will have no option but to spend the time reading the contents learning for your exams. With this in mind I would encourage you to try to enjoy the new content you are learning. Whilst you may not spend time sitting explaining the in-depth details of the Krebs cycle to your client that wants to lose a few kilos, it is very important that you take pride in your knowledge and how you apply it.

I would encourage anyone learning to take it very seriously. Do not just read “when you have time”. Ensure you dedicate specific time each day to your learning and development to make optimal progress, treat it as you would a job. Creating your dream is obviously extremely important, so please do not underestimate to power of being organised and being rigorous in your approach. When you are in a job you have a boss and targets to be accountable to you. Take the same approach with your own business. Be accountable to yourself and ensure that you drive yourself towards success. Being your own boss is great, but it also comes with the hazards of not having anyone to push you when you slack off. That’s where the unbeatable mind will assist you and you will not allow yourself to take your foot off the gas. Be strong and push yourself to succeed.

The level 3 personal training qualification is of course the industry standard to operate as a coach however, it is only 1 part of a wide range of areas you must learn and develop to operate a successful business. There are many coaches out there that may ace the level 3 course but really struggle when it comes to running a personal training business. This is  because they lack the skills in other fields crucial for success. These other areas that fitness business owners must develop include, but not limited to are:

-  Marketing

-  Sales  

-  Lead Generation

-  Accountancy

-  Graphic Design

-  Communications

This is far from an exhaustive list and it is clear that you will need to invest a significant amount of time developing your skills within a range of areas. It is clear that you have a lot to learn but don’t be scared of that challenge. Embrace it and realise that it’s a great opportunity to put in some amazing work into building your dream business that not only have you created from scratch but everything you do is for you and your future.

Getting started is definitely the most difficult part as you are embarking on a journey into the unknown. The thing that will get you through the tougher days will be the belief in your ability and your vision. Don’t wait on people to give you support but start developing the ability to be your own support. Self-belief is something that I most definitely would like to have developed at a much earlier age. Caring what other people think is a dangerous game as you will never please everyone. If you are sure that you want to do something go all in and give it your absolute all and never stop believing in yourself.

Once you have started you have a base and you need to ensure that you never stop learning. I know many PT’s over the years that have stagnated and become bored or disengaged from the industry because that stop learning so they stop growing. Stagnation is dangerous so you should continuously seek ways to develop and surround yourself by others on the same journey to keep levelling up at all times.

Covid-19 may have brought the world to its knees and whilst that may be out with our control, you are in control of your actions and your future. If the fitness industry has been on your mind, or if you are new to the industry, we are about to experience a great time where we as fitness professionals will be valued more than ever. Using the current time we have positively, to develop the correct skills and build a framework where you can benefit from this rebound will be a decision that you will never regret as you move into an industry that is forever rewarding.

Building your future starts now.

Dean Robertson

Elysium Edinburgh

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