Mhairi Rose Stewart

Personal Trainer

Having been in the industry for a number of years, originally setting my coaching business from Glasgow, I was looking for a new place to challenge me. Elysium was the perfect place to do that. Here I will be heading up the Elysium Coaching Academy, teaching new and veteran coaches on how to take themselves and their business to the next level. I started my fitness journey at a very young age. Engaging in any sport I could, from gymnastics and dance to athletics and bodybuilding. During this time, I developed a fairly severe eating disorder, which lead me down a difficult path. Anorexia was accompanied by depression and an anxiety disorder, however, none of which I hide nor wish I hadn’t experienced. It lead me to coaching, and here to Elysium. It has allowed me to help people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and all abilities, change their life for the better. Now, along with, hopefully, you. This will continue. My goal is to make fitness a more inclusive, and enjoyable part of everyone’s lives. My belief is that fitness starts in your mind first. Which, when working with MRSPT, is something we focus on massively during the coaching experience. It is something I have and continue to conduct extensive research, and numerous CPD courses into the link between mental and physical health. I want you to be able to walk in to and out of the gym with all of the knowledge I have to give as your coach, and the confidence to say yes I can do anything. ​ My passion now lies within not only developing my own personal training clients but being the leader of an education system for new and existing Personal Trainers. The Elysium Academy is extremely important to me as I can ensure that personal trainers coming into the industry have learnt not only how to coach properly but how to run a successful business. ​ As an experienced coach, I am ready to guide you to help you achieve your goals, giving you fewer promises, and more results.

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