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The Elysium Nutrition service is an unrivalled system in Edinburgh where you will receive bespoke nutritional guidance allowing you to achieve your goals after than you ever thought possible.


Elysium is the capital’s leading training facility; encompassing community, learning, development and coaching expertise in a format that has never been replicated and simply can’t be duplicated.

Why? Because other facilities will never have our team of coaches. Coaches who care so much more about the success of who’s in front of them than any financial reward. 

When people come through our doors, they’re welcomed into a family environment and, for many, that hour-long session with their coach and friends becomes the highlight of their day. We’ve virtually perfected the coaching process because we’ve completely changed how it’s approached. After all, we’re in the process of changing peoples lives, not just their bodies.

We do as much as we can do in that one-hour session, but we also target the other twenty-three hours in the day.

We offer a holistic nutrition service, centred around continuous 24/7 support, education and personal development.

Elysium Edinburgh has a proven track record working with hundreds of clients on their nutrition leading them to better quality results from their Fitness, Health and Performance.

Whether your goal is to lose body fat and improve your body shape, or to work on your nutrition to enhance your performance, our expert coaches are here to guide you down the bespoke approach to achieving those goals

The Service

Our one to one coaching service is a personalized approach to improving your health and or
optimizing your performance using the experience and education of our highly qualified coaches.

Once you’ve registered your interest, we will then arrange for you to meet with one of our incredibly
well-equipped coaches. This is so you can get to them much better and, likewise, they can ask you
any questions they may have!

What comes next?

Following the initial screening your coach will be in touch via e-mail to provide you with your welcome pack and then endeavour to get the following materials over to you as soon as possible (typically within 48 to 72 hours depending on the case);

  • An extensive and tailored recommendations booklet based on your screening information.

  • Continuous support from your coach

  • Continual Support and Education on nutrition specific to your individual aims and objectives.

  • Weekly Check-In progress reports with your coach to ensure you keep moving forward with guidance and support.

  • Full breakdown of your own nutritional intake requirements based on your goals. Not a cookie cutter diet.

  • Access to your own online hub of information between you and your coach including any information we want you to read that will be useful to your goal.

How we monitor

  • Weekly check-ins via our online portal (for data collection), physical and psychological analysis as well as other measurement metrics mentioned in your welcome pack.

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