This is Logan! Logan is one of our regular crew down at EDOX and comes in with the mindset to smash it every day. He uses his CrossFit to help with his jujitsu training, so don’t f**k with him ;)

1. Name, age and what you do.

Logan Paterson, 22 architecture student.


2. What’s you previous CrossFit experience and why did you decided to come to EDOX?

No previous CrossFit experience, I wanted to mix my training up and try something different and edox filled that gap

3. Whats the weirdest place you’ve ever been?

Tortugero in Costa Rica, was like a turtle shrine place in the rainforest.


4. What’s your motivation when you’re dying midway through a WOD?

no pain no gain, or Jacob and Aagata shouting at me


5. How many burpees do you reckon you’ve done in your life?



6. Any goals (long term or short term)?

Long term, I’d love to do a comp one day. short term, get my first muscle up.

 Logan’s Story