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Our difference - We’re built around you

CrossFit is different because it introduces you to a whole new system of training! It won’t let you become lazy, it will challenge you but it WILL change you! You will become fitter than you thought possible, stronger than you imagined, faster than ever before!
The only thing standing in between you and the best version of you is YOU!

To train with others on the same path as you! To help push others to achieve more. For strong people to lift others up! The community makes CrossFit!
It separates us from the “Globo Gyms” where the environment is dead and there is no community!

EDOX CrossFit is community!

ANYONE CAN DO IT. It’s fully-scaled, meaning no matter what ability you have, whether it’s struggling to walk upstairs or whether you can walk on your hands, you just do the variation of the exercise that’s correct for your level. And that’s why the coaches are so important as they are your guide to knowing what to do in a class. It’s why EDOX CrossFit is so popular!

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Want to try it for yourself?
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