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Elysium Sweat Is For Anyone Looking To:

  • Improve their fitness levels

  • Burn as much energy in a class as possible

  • Learn how to do High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) properly


The main aim of this class is to get you to burn energy and help you lose fat fast. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness junkie or a complete beginner – we welcome people of ALL fitness levels.



What does the class involve?

SWEAT classes are designed to be between 45 minutes to 1 hour. This varies on the session plan and always includes mobility and warm-up section. The classes fall under the training category of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Our team coaches will tailor each HIIT session to your current level of fitness so that you are able to progress effectively. The beauty of Elysium Sweat is that each class is different because all of our coaches are different. At Elysium, the variety of Coaching expertise, will leave you excited for your next class, and always learning new skills and techniques.

45 - 60


What is HIIT?

HIIT is short for High-Intensity Interval Training. This form of training involves your body and energy systems working at high intensities for varied time intervals, followed by periods of rest. We have seen a BOOM in HIIT training recently because it is an extremely effective way of losing fat fast whilst building muscle! Although HIIT classes are hard work, we are not here to break you! We are here to build you up.



What are the benefits of Elysium Sweat?


Aerobic Fitness

HIIT training has been proven in research to be just as, if not more effective than steady-state cardio (performed at moderate intensity) at improving your Vo2max. Your body will become much more efficient in recovering from strenuous exercise, which can also have an overall massive impact on your health, including:

  • Better recovery from exercise or activity

  • Improved sleep/quality of life

  • Decreased risk in health-related illness including high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes

Faster Metabolism & Fat Loss

Your metabolism will become much faster as a result of Elysium Sweat. When you perform intense exercises your body will need more calories to burn. So even when you have finished your workout and you’re lying on the sofa, your body will be a calorie-burning furnace as a result of your body trying to recover.

What does this mean? More fat burned. Along with an adequate nutrition plan, you will lose fat fast whilst becoming fitter and stronger. So what are you waiting for?

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