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Elysium Strong Is For Anyone Looking To:

  • Get Stronger

  • Learn More About Weight Training

  • Gain Confidence

  • Improve Athleticism


These classes are designed for people of ALL fitness levels. It doesn’t matter if are a regular gym-goer with a good amount of knowledge or you are totally new to the gym, we are there to assist you and move you towards your goal.



45 - 60


What does the class involve?

Elysium Strong is more than just a class. It’s a timetabled slot, twice per week where you can go along and get expert coaching from one of our coaches. This is the next best thing besides having your own personal trainer.

The class is structured through blocks of technical development. These blocks cover the main lifts we more commonly see to help you develop them in a technical proficient manner.

An Overview Of Strengh

When you train with weights, you cause create tears in your muscle (this is one of the reasons you get sore from the gym). Your body is very good at repairing that damage and over time, you need to put more stress on the muscles to cause the same amount of stress.

This is why it is important to add more weight/volume to your workouts as you do in Elysium Strong. When your body repairs the damage to your muscles a few things happen:

  • Burn more energy – it costs energy to repair the damage

  • Build muscle – more tissue is added to the muscle to cope with the demands

  • Get stronger – a bigger stronger fibre will be stronger

As a result of these changes it is the main reason people experience such a dramatic transformation in their body and their fitness when they participate in strength training.

Elysium Strong has only been a new concept in Class for a short period of time. People have participated in Strength training for decades and have experienced tremendous results from this type of training. Now you have the option of including it as PART of your membership for pushing you to the next level.

The better version of you is STRONG, together we are Elysium Strong.

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