Elysium Size


Elysium Size is specifically for males who want to:

  • Gain muscle

  • Learn how to train properly with weights

  • Improve your physique

Elysium SIZE follows a bodybuilding format of training, where the intensity is always high, and the members just keep coming back for more. Of course, you don’t need to be a bodybuilder to put on muscle, just like you don’t have to be an ultra-marathon runner to do a 10k. You need to start off from somewhere and so we welcome people of all fitness levels. We take into account your current level of fitness and tailor the sessions to meet YOUR current standards and goals. 


Volume and Muscle Growth


The classes primary focus is VOLUME. Volume is one of the biggest contributors to muscle growth. This is what ultimately shapes and sculpts the muscles to create your ideal physique. Without training for volume, your muscles will not grow. The larger a muscle, the more potential there is to produce greater force. So ultimately, the more muscle that you have the stronger you can be.

 Instead of focusing on isolation exercises, our hypertrophy philosophy will be oriented around compound movements that is guaranteed to give your body the full body workout that it needs to leave you filling those t-shirts, shirts, jeans, shorts in the way you want.


Fat Loss and Muscle Building

Everyone wants to be leaner, but It is important to understand that to build a better physique you need to go through phases of building the body up rather than breaking it down. A person who has more muscle will generally find it easier to lose body fat too, because more muscle leads to more energy burned each day!