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Tony's Story

Meet Tony! Tony has been a member of EDOX from the early days. He comes in, grits his teeth and gets the work done (sometimes twice a day!) Read on to find out a little more!

  1. Name, age and what you do? Tony James, 31, Communications Systems Engineer in the British Army.

  2. What’s your previous CrossFit experience and why did you decide to come to EDOX? As a former personal trainer, I got stuck with my own mundane training. So I needed something to push me completely out my comfort zone and compete with my level of training I do with the MOD.

  3. You can have a superpower for a week, what do you choose? Immortality - being an adrenaline junkie comes with some limitations......🤪

  4. What is it that you enjoy about the classes at EDOX? The team spirit and the ability to smash your own targets every week, hard work brings enjoyment and achievement - the fact that I never knew you could actually sweat out your eyeballs.

  5. Dessert Island meal? Macca Cheese with brown sauce and hot chocolate cake 🤤