Elysium Shape is our FEMALE only class! It is one of our most popular classes that really will help you to:

-          Improve your understanding of weight training

-          Get you stronger and more confident in the gym

-          Make you improve the shape of your body including the areas where you want to change most like bum, thighs, arms, stomach – Shape is for you!

What can you Expect?

 You will be led through a variety of different exercises by our fantastic coaches aimed to improve your strength, muscle size and shape. The different lifts that we focus on at Elysium Shape are mainly compound movements that are designed to work as many muscles as possible.


Within this class, you will be taught the ins and outs of different techniques, hitting your muscles from different angles and movements generating growth and burning energy for fat loss.

 Each class is different every session too, making it more challenging and enjoyable each session. We are not just a gym that repeats the same workout every week, we are coaches, and that is what we do. We coach you to be the best version of YOU!


The Benefits of Weight Training

 There has been so much research behind resistance training and it is most definitely the most effective way to build a body that you can be proud of! We take pride in helping to transform your weaknesses into STRENGTHS that you can be proud of. Every athlete that you look to as a marker as the ‘ideal body’ all use weight training.

 Now we are not saying that you need to train to look like anyone else, but we ARE saying, if you are looking to improve your body aesthetically, then weight training is THE way to go. And that’s where Elysium Shape will take you to the next level!

 So many women have experienced drastic improvements in not only their body but their mindset too at Elysium Shape. This could be you too. So what are you waiting for?

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