How Do You Grow A Business?

How do you grow a business? Well, it depends really. First and foremost, you need to know WHAT you want to achieve with your business. Its ok saying "more money" etc but HOW do you actually achieve that? 

For most business owners, the ability to GROW properly and adequately relies heavily on the financial status of the business and its ability to control its funds appropriately in order to push the business forward.

Business is NOT easy. But it can be made more simple by defining what you want to achieve. Its something that I've struggled with in the past (hence why I worked on it and am writing about it now). But defining set areas that you want to grow and develop will ultimately lead to the overall success of your business.

So pick a thing (or a few things) and plan how to make those small things succeed which will help your business grow.

For example - the areas I have chosen to work on over the next 3 months are:

1) EDOX CrossFit - By creating an awesome team of coaches to drive the business forward and make it their own!

2) Elysium Academy - To begin the Elysium Academy and provide the right type of training and education to ambitious future fitness professionals

3) The development of the Gyms Upper Deck - I want to create a better training environment for our members and future members.

Now these things won't happen overnight but if I know what I want to achieve and can apply myself to these areas over the next 3 months I am certain that I will see the growth of the business.


Be Specific. Define what you want to achieve short term to make the long term successful. Execute the plan.

Til next time.


Dean RobertsonComment