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Hannah Jones

“A close-knit and extremely friendly place to train, no matter what level you’re at.  I only attend the classes (mostly MetCon and Glutecamp) and LOVE IT!  I’ve never noticed such a big difference in myself, in such a short period of time before.  The atmosphere is amazing and the trainers are so lovely!  Always more than happy to help you with anything, whether that be a bit of nutrition advice or spending a little time with you correcting a squat.  Honestly, the best gym I have ever trained in, and I’ve trained in a lot!  I would, and do, recommend this gym to everyone!”


Murray Muir

“If you want to get fit - Train at Elysium
If you want to get strong - Train at Elysium
If you want to get in shape - Train at Elysium
It really is that simple! Cracking gym, with top trainers who actually know what they’re talking about. Friendly, positive and motivating training - what more could you want?! Join Elysium today, you’ll love it!”



Nutrition endorsed by our medical consultant,

Mr Laurence Stewart. 

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Dean Robertson msc, bsc (hons)

Owner of Elysium Edinburgh and EDOX Crossfit


Craig wright

Head Coach and Club Manager

kim wilson