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WHY Choose Elysium?

Edinburgh hosts a number of health clubs, gyms, studios, so WHY would you choose Elysium? The answer is simple: we provide the highest-standard of training facility that changes people’s perception of what a gym delivers, giving people access to a gym experience and results they never thought possible.

Elysium is a facility where you will change your fitness and health through a variety of ways including physical exercise, education and lifestyle changes leading to a better body, fitness and health. The Gym is not just about looking better, change comes in many ways, from a simple change in your lifestyle like getting more sleep, or drinking more water. One change is the starting point. So start by making one change.

Other organisations with a similar mission to us know this too, thats why we partner with them such as British Society of Lifestyle Medicine - 1 Change Campaign >

Results Driven Personal Trainers

Elysium hosts the finest personal trainers in Edinburgh that are dedicated to providing you with the results that you come to expect in a facility like Elysium. Our Coaches provide results as standard. No Compromise.



With a huge selection of facilities in Elysium you are guaranteed to find what you need to train the way you like!

  • 2 Floors with 2 different gyms

  • Free Parking

  • Shower and Change Facilities


A range of different memberships to suit your individual needs


Results … it’s what we do.

So many people coming along and seeing how Elysium can give them the results THEY are looking for. Results can come in many forms, such as the way you LOOK/FEEL/PERFORM

Everyone is looking for their own type of results that matter to them. Here is what some of our awesome members have to say about their experience at Elysium Edinburgh.


Elysium Membership Benefits

At Elysium you can expect full support from our highly qualified PTs in helping you achieve your fitness goals. The Elysium way is the BEST WAY and so you can expect the following:

  • Achieve weight loss goals and eliminate body fat fast

  • Learn more about training

  • Understand how to put on muscle cleanly and efficiently

  • Improve your focus, discipline and strength

  • Be part of a tightly knit fitness community

  • Relieve stress

  • Gain confidence